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Home espresso machines: In search of the perfect coffee

Experience of use and features: within the category of espresso machines, this homely model offers a temperature gauge that indicates when the boiler reached the ideal temperature for brewing coffee. Produces an intense and tasty product and has a steam pressure system for an espresso just like the cafeteria. It is easy to use because it uses ground best home espresso machines, but that very simplicity makes only can choose between an espresso and one with milk and foam. It also has a steam pipe for frothing milk prepare cappuccinos.

System: expresso pressure of 15 bar.
Finding: you can be prepared in one pot enough for four wells.
Best forgotten: not allow for much creativity in preparation.
Price: $ 429.

Nespresso Citiz & Milk

Experience of use and features: this automatic Nespresso machine belongs to the family, which has changed the way we do and have coffee with the introduction of individual cartridges. Has a wide range to adapt tasting preferences, it is extremely easy and intuitive to use and virtually maintenance free . Among its main attributes are frothing hot or cold milk, a container ten capsules used and a deposit of one liter of water which gives a good autonomy. It is designed with a slim format to fit easily into small spaces and from the aesthetic point of view, decorate any room in the house.

System: monodose cartridges 19 bar pressure.
Finding: the device for heating milk and prepare the foam achieves a simply perfect consistency.
Best forgotten: the dependence of the cartridges and the high price of each.
Price: there is a promotion until October 31 to $ 2,290.

Philips Senseo Latte

Experience of use and features: this coffee belongs to the new category of coffee in cartridges.You can make a cut, a cappuccino or latte macchiato with fresh freshly frothed milk. The preparation takes no more than 35 seconds and only need to press a button. The product is tasty and served at right temperature. It has an integrated milk container has a coffee strength selector and can prepare up to two cups of black coffee at the same time. It has a range of 1.2 liters and an indicator of descaling water. Within the category of cartridges, it is the one that needs more maintenance, so if you are looking for total simplicity, it may be an impediment.

System: single – dose cartridges with pressure of 15 bars.
Finding: wide variety of blends of Cabrales.
Better forget: although the cartridges are available in any supermarket and are domestically produced, the cost per unit (about $ 3) may be a limitation.
Price: $ 1299.

Saeco Exprelia

Experience of use and features: is the ultimate expression of the best coffee and, in many combinations, more than tasty coffees bar. It has a ceramic grinder that wets the grain for a unique scent, and allows dosing and grinding coffee necessary for each shot. A filter measures the water hardness and, among other tens of variables, one can regulate the aroma intensity and flavor. A microcomputer interacts with the user to achieve the coffee that best suits the palate of the consumer. For example, you can adjust the body milk and espresso, steam power for foam coffee or size, and has a container jug of milk for cappuccino, which is sealed and cleaned automatically. It has a range of 1.6 liters and incorporates a double boiler, for better water infusion.

System: Out of 19 bar pressure.
Finding: is source and Italian design.
Better forget: if used frequently, maintenance can be tedious.
Price: $ 9999.

Dolce Gusto – Moulinex

User experience and features: this machine allows you to quickly prepare multiple drinks hot and cold specialties by combining capsules of coffee, chocolate, milk and tea at any time, every day. It is ideal for breakfast and snacks for ease of use and low maintenance, although the density of the drinks can make a 250 cm3 can be shared between two consumers. The colors and flavors are intense and appealing to the palate, but very different from the classic cafés a traditional bar.The cartridge box costs about $ 45 and contains 16 units.

System: cartridges with pressure of 15 bars.
Finding: as varieties of coffee flavors make this a true family use device.
Best forgotten: its autonomy is only 0.6 liters.
Price: $ 949.

Electrolux – Aroma Espresso

User experience and features: is an appliance of advanced technology that has a system of ultra – fast heating and high pressure pump to have fresh water in each coffee. It also has a surface to warm the cups that helps to get the exact temperature of the drink and a function to achieve a creamy foam cold or hot milk. The design is suitable for ground coffee and espresso units. Intense tasty products are obtained, but with little variation in the combination. It can serve two wells at once, but the height of the filter prevents placing a cup of 250 cm3 to take a long coffee with milk.

7 films to learn English

Are you going to take a weekend to be at home in total tranquility? Perhaps you choose to stay away from the routine in a cottage? We propose 7 filmscomo aprender ingles em uma semana and drive you in learning the language, either to watch at home or away. A full of mythical scenes, sure some will already be stored on your retina cultural alternative.

The King’s Speech ( ‘The King’s Speech’)

British film that tells the difficulties of King George VI to radio speech declaring war on Nazi Germany in 1939, because of his stutter. So thanks to his speech therapist, get it done without any difficulty. The film , starring Colin Firth a superb, has a slow and deliberate speech, which will certainly help those who need to hear all the details.

The Shawshank Redemption ( ‘The Shawshank Redemption’)

After being charged with the murder of his wife, Andrew will have to serve life sentence in prison. His prison life will be a long and painful step, which only improve as respect for other inmates earn. A movie to learn English for a very simple reason: Tim Robbins uses a cult English, while the other sentenced to prison no. A real masterpiece of cinema of the nineties to know the differences of language use.

The Social Network

“Nobody has 500 million friends without a few enemies created”. Under this premise, we presented the film that tells the creation of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg had problems at the beginning with his closest friends university. It is possible to learn English (or better) with its rapid and electrical dialogues and made a dash for the showcasing of its protagonists. A powerful and background history.

Black Swam ( ‘black swan’)

Starring Natalie Portman, ‘Black Swam’ tells the rise and fall of a major ballet dancers, with spectacular photography and excellent performances. You know firsthand the English in a social context of high standing such as the dance and theater. A language in which use quite jargon and enrich your language.


A film that won over critics and audiences, and tells the story of an actor decaying state that does not accept that already has neither success nor recognition of yesteryear. This film will help you with your English because the actors pronounced slowly and very markedly.

Mary Poppins

And you know and you may even have seen it several times. It is why you see something original when you know already folded, can help you relax during your viewing and thus be able to absorb more of the film. In addition, their dialogues are nothing complicated or pretentious, so you can follow the script without problem.

Notting Hill

She is American and the British and that is an important way to notice the differences between the two accents and makes ‘Notting Hill’ the last of the 7 films to learn English that we recommend . If you do not know what this is, it is a romantic comedy that happens to use in London when a movie star’s house just a nobody. From there, comical and absurd situations happen and love between the protagonists emerge.

Coffee and film together and scrambled

Coffee is part of our day in many ways, since we got up we took the first cup to clear our home, mid – morning we make a little coffee break in the vending machine and coffee machine rentals for office singapore at noon nothing feels better food good coffee … and many nights with us on our screens.

Coffee in time we make a small collection of scenes and curious moments linking movies and coffee through the years. In this case we have selected seven scenes from the film world plus one on the small screen. Do you have seen?

Reservoir Dogs

The debut of Quentin Tarantino begins with social convention par excellence, with a moment we have all experienced, talking with a group of friends over a cup of coffee on any subject that interests us. Tarantino begins with a reflection on Madonna’s song Like a Virgin to finish with a memorable debate about whether to give tips or not (custom deeply rooted in the United States). Memorable performances bathed with good coffee.


This is one of the quintessential romantic movies. The union of simplicity and convoluted, how embarrassed and extravagance, as in coffee, bitter and sweet mixed in a single drink. In one of the key moments, Amelie (Audrey Totou) observes every little movement of her beloved Nino (Mathieu Kassovitz) while it takes a coffee at the bar where our protagonist works. A moment that could not end otherwise than with an act of hidden value of Amelie.

Goodfellas (Goodfellas)

One of the quintessential gangster movies, he could not lack a scene related to coffee. Stacks (Samuel L. Jackson) misses come what awaits you. The strange character of Joe Pecsi, Tommy Vito, with that mood so problematic that characterizes asks his partner Frankie (Frank Sivero) to make a coffee …

Pulp Fiction

In his first film we realized what Tarantino fan who is chatting about coffee. In Pulp Fiction, Tarantino bathes another great scene with coffee. With a corpse in the garage of the house and a coffee in hand, Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) decides to stop thinking about the body and taste the coffee.

Coffee & Cigarettes

Reservoir Dogs If we see a scene of people talking over a cup of coffee, Jim Jarmusch decides to take that concept to a whole movie. 11 stories focusing on conversations on everyday topics from celebrities over a cup of black coffee.

Airplane 2 (Airplane II: The Sequel)

While there is a small comic timing related to coffee in the first film of the series, we wanted to stay with the second film. How are the days when there are no supplies for the coffee machine?

Notorious (Notorious)

It is very curious how the films of Alfred Hitchcock, British film director, coffee and tea not repeatedly appears. Adapted to their American audience, Hitchcock uses coffee as the main element of the plot and makes clear from the outset …

Twin Peaks

But if there is a coffee lover manager par excellence that must be David Lynch, the surrealist director is a big fan of black tea to the point of having your own coffee brand. Not only that, but encourages viewers to drink it, and never did better than Twin Peaks … Damn good coffee!

Diet and hard training stars to be heroes in film

Henry Cavill

To become Superman, actor Henry Cavill , 31, he had to win nine kilos of muscle mass. His demanding training was conducted by Mark Twight. The same professional who prepared him for Man of Steel (2013). Eleven months before filming was subjected to intense exercise plan.

Once he started donning the costume of the superhero Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice should exercise for an hour before recording each scene.

In addition, he had to follow strictly a diet of 5,000 calories per day based on protein and carbohydrates.


Ben Affleck

Teammate Ben Affleck also demanded his body to the maximum not to disappoint the fans and play the best Batman. Despite his great physical effort he failed to conquer tanro critics and the public.Affleck underwent extensive training that consisted of intensive work weights one day after the other. It increased 18 kilos of muscle working six consecutive days, then two consecutive break.

To be the CIA agent Jason Bourne, Matt Damon learned various martial arts and subjected to a rigorous diet plan. Not only an opportunity but did it five times. On July 29 this year, the fifth of the action film that placed Damon as one of the “hard” men of Hollywood premieres.


Matt Damon
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married father of 6 children -step a whole year dedicated to his body to get in shape for the movie Troy (2004). The plan was designed to measure, and focused on a different muscle group exercise per day. For this role, the star left some of their vices such as snuff and junk food.

To become “Wolverine” for  X-Men , Hugh Jackman came to lift weights 200 kilos and had to comply with a 6000 calorie diet a day.  The Australian had to be fed every two and a half hours. 


Brad Pitt


Hugh Jackman

For the version of Baywatch on the big screen,  Zac Efron  turned to sports to enliven the sexy lifeguard Matt Brody. Lift weights two hours a day and run 60 minutes on the sunny beaches of California.

Chris Hemsworth  became a superhero for the first time in 2011 when hestarred in Thor , the film based on the character from Marvel comics.

The father of three children and husband Spanish Elsa Pataky took 6 months to prepare his body: increased by 10 kilos of muscle thanks to a strict workout routine and the 3 week diet rich in protein.

For the Australian it was not easy. The same actor acknowledged that the workouts were grueling. “He arrived at home defeated, with only thestrength to get into bed to rest” , Hemsworth said.


Chris Hemsworth


Zac Efron

Chris Evans – one of the most sought -after men in the industry- time became known thanks to his role as Captain America.

35 The artist said he had to lose body fat and gain 10 kilos of muscle. He trained 2 hours a day each day focusing on one area of the body.

For him the hardest part was eating without hunger .:  “The worst part of my transformation was constantly eating food. You get to that point where you want to stop, but you have to follow.”  


Types of carpets for movie theaters

Movie theaters are crowded places daily by a lot of people in search of fun and entertainment. Today beyond being in the age of DVD and blue ray, where often we can have movies that have been released recently and our every after months of opening, the habit of going to the movies is something that continues.

12One of the nicest things we find is the film setting. Usually the rooms have reclining seats, dim lights, and carpet floors. But what characteristics they have in common the different types of carpets for movie theaters? There is something that is unavoidable, they all have to be extremely resilient. A movie theater receives a movement of people who are almost permanent. For this reason it is important that the carpet you choose can have a good tolerance and lasting enough to not have to walk all the time replacing.
With regard to color, today if we see different types of carpets for movie theaters that are on the market most of them show a combination of dark colors. Although the lights in the theater are most time low when the same light is really easy to see the deterioration of the carpet, so dark colors so that they can hide a little dirt and wear are chosen.
Another feature in which have to think when evaluating different types of carpets for movie theaters is usually within the halls people do something that generally the use of carpets is not recommended: eat. The food near the carpet is a real danger . On the one hand within the film we can see the classic: popcorn. Although this delicacy is really very rich can wreak havoc on film, because all the time is falling from the bucket and we are treading. Once the popcorn, especially the sweet, is stepped on , this is adhered to the carpet and is very difficult to remove the stain cleaning london. Another movie classics are the nachos with cheese, always ending of the sauce nachos on the floor. All this digression is the fact that it will be really important to think about types of carpets for movie theaters that are easily washable and have fibers which food scraps adhere as little as possible. Usually between performances it is not performed washing the carpet itself.

12In these cases the vacuum is passed and all uneaten food that may be left are removed. However it is true that when the film is closed is performed by washing the carpets and this is much more frequent than in the case of normal carpets.
Usually cinema chains have prepared equipment washing and drying of carpets. Here drying is a very important part, because carpets can not be outside as in the case where these surfaces are movable. For this reason it will be important to get types of carpets for movie theaters that lend themselves to artificial drying.
With respect to the fur carpet in theaters without exception short – pile carpets are used. As we said earlier maintaining carpets in cinemas is really complex, so we need the carpet pile as short as possible.
On the issue of aesthetics, usually different types of carpets for movie theaters are combined with upholstered walls. The walls of cinemas, beyond having acoustic coating are upholstered, so it is important to think about the correlation between carpets and upholstered walls. Usually companies engaged in selling carpets for movie theaters are dedicated to this area in particular. Think what it means placing carpet in a movie theater.

This goes far beyond the work that might mean putting carpet in a dining room or a room. Here we are working with uneven surfaces and have a lot of square meters. In addition usually deadlines for completion of the works are highly regulated, and are calculated according to business objectives. For this reason many times in order to finish the job more quickly than many people actually need to do the job is hired.
The choice between different types of carpets for movie theaters is a decision that will have to be taken consciously thinking about the large amount of money will be invested in the project, and trying to make the room look its best.Although the offer is great, and there are many types of carpets for movie theaters that can be pretty in the different complexes , the fact that the decision will be a matter of the owners and consultants in decoration.

Top 10 2016 movies

Alex Munsell

We are starting the second half of 2016 and this gives us the excuse to go over what we have enjoyed so far on the big screen and has captivated us. Those films that made us laugh, mourn and keep us on the edge of the chair.

So these are the films that we believe are essential commercial cinema this year which, incidentally, still has much to offer. It is noteworthy that this list is not definitive and other unique and a fun place to share and remember those tapes exercise we paid well when we dedicate our time . (Click on movie4k to go to our review and see full movie).



Tom McCarthy is the director of this drama that, at the time, commented that this is a “flawless film.” Spotlight , as is its English title, tells the story of the famous investigation of the Boston Globe that would uncover cases of child abuse by clergy of the Catholic Church. The cast is undoubtedly high level with Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery, Brian d’Arcy James. At the Academy Awards this film statuette for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay was; He was also nominated for four more categories.



This tape Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is undoubtedly a beauty in every way. It has been criticized for having a “basic” story, but the fact is that it is based on an interesting story Real-legend of the United States and, accompanied bystunning photography Emmanuel Lubezki , is a visual treat not to be missed . The Mexican director made concerning film scenes, such as the impressivescene of the bear attack the main character. For this tape Lubezki did what no other photographer of cinema achieved: win the Oscar three consecutive years for his work. He also gave (finally) Leonardo DiCaprio deserved Oscar for Best Actor.

Leonardo Dicaprio

‘The Revenant’ – New Regency, Anonymous Content, RatPac Entertainment


Tim Miller directed this funny and brilliant film about this peculiar character ofMarvel . Deadpool has the ability to tell a drama in the best way: acidic, raw,with a black humor rarely seen (anywhere). From the opening credits begin the celebration of the unique humor of this film and will only increase the acidity and genius. In the cast are Ryan Reynolds, TJ Miller, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, Gina Carano; also it has one of the best cameos of Stan Lee.



Quentin Tarantino returned to films with this western made as only he can do. A powerful film with a unique cast, those that the American director has accustomed us. We know well that Tarantino does rodeos with bloody scenes, dialogues unique and unforgettable soundtracks; just this Ennio Morricone was awarded the Oscar.

the hateful eight


The hilarious saga of DreamWorks released its third installment by March this year. Alessandro Carloni directors and Jennifer Yuh Nelson drew up a moving animated comedy, with its always fresh humor. The well-known characters, especially Po, made it clear that we still have much to offer. The animation of these tapes have only been perfected and are a real visual pleasure. In addition, as in the case of the tapes for children who transcend, they have themes for both younger and old alike.



Dan Trachtenberg is the director of this film science fiction and much, much drama. Claustrophobia that is felt throughout the film is more mental than anything else and that is set in a bunker, the lust of the protagonists and character of a sinister John Goodman do not let up throughout the film .Definitely a good predecessor of 2008, Cloverfield and a surprise for all their fans.



The hype for this movie reached stratospheric levels; before, during and after its release. While it has its great detractors (as always), the film directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo brought us pleasantly surprised to address more complex and personal superheroes own issues and not just deal withepic battles and encounters of these friends in conflict. It is a complete, complex and with many successes tape. Undoubtedly one of the best superhero movies made so far and the commercial film of this 2016. You can also watch the best superhero movies here putlocker.

and Marvel cinematic universe

‘Captain America: Civil War’ (2016) – Marvel Studios


This Irish film directed by Lenny Abrahamson is a truly moving drama. It is shown that the simplest premise can be converted into a complex, hard and shocking story. Room is distant from any cliché when they could be there every so often , and that is why it is, above all, a very intelligent film. The protagonists of this film are the best: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay; the first awarded the Oscar for Best Actress and the second with unparalleled natural talent.



Yes, of course, here there will be great detractors to include this film in this collection, but are here for the good of her and how much she represents .And this superhero epic encounter provoked a lot of expectation. The mere fact that they were in title only these two giants DC, and other superheroes, make it attractive in itself. Many things can be criticized the film, however, she introduced us, against all expectations, an excellent Batman and an epic encounter. Despite all the bad reviews he received Batman v. Superman, triumphed at the box office as the most; on the other hand leaves the door open for the following tapes of DC Extended Universe .



Andrew Stanton brought back to the big screen Marlin, Nemo and Dory great.It is precisely in her that the story of this moving film focuses. While Pixar is living a controlled decline , the high quality of this Putlocker Movies reminds us why this study caught us so long. That is why we shall not dwell on what blameworthy or not, they might insist Pixar make sequels of its successful titles; what does mention is that because it is a bit Dory we will avoid this point because, in truth, it is a more endearing character.

Finding Dory nemo

So these are the productions that we think are essential cinema so far in 2016. There will be others, fortunately many, more to see and also the favorite of everyone, and it’s great cinema: there is much to see and It has much to offer for everyone. Also, a good film is no guarantee that want to see it again;accurate, we are talking about these as good as disturbing films you do not want to ever see again, watch it here movie2k.

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